We have developed a unique way of working to ensure that everything we do is transparent and understandable.  Tax is complicated enough without being left to wonder about what information you need to send to us, how to get this information to us and how much you are going to be charged when we finish your work.  We want to be open and up front about how we operate.  On every job you can expect the following experience from us.


The first step is to get in contact with us.  We will organise an introductory meeting (in person, on Skype or over the telephone) so that you can get a feel for us and we can start to understand you and your business.  


Before we start any work we will work with you to determine the scope of the work required.  We will then send you a quote for the work to be carried out so that you know up-front what we will do for you and how much it will cost. Find out more.


Once you accept the quote, we will send you checklists for all the information you need to provide to us.


We will create a cloud folder for you to upload the completed checklists and any associated documentation we will need to complete your work.  Read more about how we use the cloud. 


We will then do the job. If we require further information or clarification we will let you know.  


Once the work is completed we will send you your Financial Statements and Tax Returns together with an invoice for the work.


Please contact us if you would like to find out more or to set up an appointment.